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If you are totally new to running and don’t know where to start, or have run a little in the past but could do with improvement, then the sociable environment of our Billericay Striders running club is perfect for you. 

Our club actively welcomes new runners, so much so that our annual beginners to 5k course is designed to remove all apprehension and set you on the right track to becoming a truly confident runner. This structured 10-week course, designed for complete beginners or anyone returning from a lengthy break from running, is overseen by our experienced coaches to help you achieve your goals.

Beginners coach Keith Walker says: “If you ever wanted to start running, but have always thought that joining a club was a bit daunting, then this introductory course is just for you. Our aim is to get you running at least 5k comfortably, by the end of the 10-week programme. I have, so far, never failed to achieve this goal with any member of my group!”

There is a one-off course fee of £25. However, this also entitles participants to a £10 discount off the regular membership subscription if they decide to join the Striders, either during, or at the conclusion of the programme.

Anyone keen to get into running can email  – who will be pleased to discuss their options for getting started with the Striders.

If the application is on behalf of a Junior (aged 11-17) you can contact the Junior Striders coach, Dave Sweet – or see our Juniors section for more information.