club charity

This year’s club charity is the Forget me not memory cafe
A Memory Cafe provides a place where any member of the public, who feel that they, or a person they know, may have memory problems, can drop in without an appointment, and talk to an experienced volunteer or if necessary a professional. Memory Cafes are distinct from Memory Clinics which are formal assessment and diagnostic services for dementia run by the NHS.  The staff of a Memory Cafe are not able to refer a person directly to a consultant and do not take the place of a doctor in the diagnosis of a memory problem. If however, the attending health professional considers that further assessment is necessary, or advisable, then an individual may be supported in that referral via their own doctor.  People with memory problems or dementia and their carers have the opportunity to meet regularly with other people in similar circumstances and to take part in stimulating activities, such as Arts & Craft, Quiz, Painting, Singing, Games, Puzzles etc. Information is available, as well as practical tips about coping with dementia and memory problems. We also provide an outreach programme at all of our cafe.
Many people make friendships as a result and are able to support each other outside the Memory Cafe setting. This informal setting provides emotional support and also reduces the isolation often felt by people with dementia, their carers and families.
Forget Me Not Memory Cafe
Registered Charity No:1178555

For more information, please visit the facebook page