Local off-road and self navigation races

Local off-road and self navigation races

Company of Runners would like to firstly highlight their 2020 races across Essex. All are off-road and self navigation. If there is any forum through which you can highlight these races to your members, we’d be grateful. Please see www.companyofrunners.co.uk for full event list/entries.

but in summary:

Sun 9 Feb 5 mile Lamarsh Lionheart

Sat 29 Feb 5 mile Chilly Chappel Chase (from Chapel Beer Festival)

Sun 7 June Stour Valley Marathon AND Stour Valley Half Marathon (as previously orgnaised by Kevin Payne)

Sun 26 July Roding Around Marathon

Sat 12 Sep 5 mile Chappel Ale Trail (from Chappel Beer Festival)

Note that the details of our Fright Night November and Christmas races still tbc.

Secondly ask if any clubs would like to send a few members to man a checkpoint for either of our marathons:

·         Stour Valley Marathon on 7 June

·         Roding Around Marathon on 26 July