Membership Fee Renewal 2020/21

Membership Fee Renewal 2020/21

As many of you know we usually ask you all to renew your membership at the beginning of April each year. However, this year with things so uncertain and no idea of when we will be running and training together as a club again, we are proposing to hold off asking you to make a payment at the moment.

The committee are looking to reduce membership this year, proportional to the amount of time the club is in shut down. Once we know when we will be able to return to training together again, we will then be able to make an informed decision on how much we should reduce the fee for the year.

England Athletics have decided to keep their membership subscription to £15 (the same as last year) instead of the proposed £16. They have also said that you don’t need to renew it by the end of June as usual, but have extended this to the end of Aug. For any members concerned about their eligibility to compete in races this summer (if any are still taking place) please read the following statement from the EA:

Athlete Eligibility: In the event of a licensed competition taking place during the summer (prior to 31 August) all athletes who were registered during 2019/2020 will be eligible for competition up until 31st August. Competition checker facilities will be amended to reflect this decision. Any new athletes entering competition will need to be registered prior to the date of the event.

So the aim will likely be to have all payments (Striders subs & EA subs) in to us by the end of July or Aug. Ours will be somewhat reduced and the EA will be £15. This will keep us in line with the EA and prevent myself and Brendan from having double the workload this year.

Happy to try and answer any questions you might have on membership renewal as outlined above.

Kind regards


(Membership Secretary)