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The revised 2020 Club Championship is designed to encourage and recognise participation in a wide range of local running events that have traditionally been popular with members of Billericay Striders.

The Championship includes cross country, road races (including all Essex championship races), the Essex Way, Billericay parkrun and member only events.

-The Championship is open to first claim adult members.

-Points are awarded across 18 categories.

-Separate Championship tables are maintained for male (‘M’) and female (‘F’) members.

-In published race results, a runner’s club must be listed as Billericay Striders in order to be identified and awarded points.

Points are awarded for participation in the listed events – with more points for faster times! A maximum of 1,730 Championship points are available from categories 1 to 16 (i.e. by earning maximum points in every category), plus additional bonus points from categories 17 and 18. However, runners are not required nor expected to complete all categories during the year!

Interim male and female Championship tables will be updated and published frequently during 2020. Club Championship awards will be presented to the winners at the end of the year.

Below is the full list of events and links to the results for these events, along with previous years club championship events and results:

2019 / 20

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X Country events 2019/20

Road races 2020

Crown to Crown

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X country events 2018/19

Road races 2019

Club Championship 2019 Final Tables


Previous year’s results

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