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Current Club Championship rules are under review, but for 2017 was

All races are worth a maximum of 50 points and your best 10 scores will count. Points will accumulate throughout the year with everybody starting off from zero.
1. Saturday Cross Country League Oct 16–Feb 17 (see note 1 below)
2. Sunday Cross Country League Oct 16-Feb 17 (see note 1 below)
3. Brentwood Half Marathon – Mar 17
4. Baddow 10 – May 17
5. Club Mile – July 17
6. County 10K Felsted – July 17
7. TGT 10K – July 17
8. Ingatestone 5 – Sept 17
9. County 10 mile Tiptree – Oct 17
10.Southend 10K – Oct 17
11.Striders Own 10K – Oct 17
12.Handicap (see note 2 below)
13.Marathon (see note 3 below)
14.Crown to Crown (see note 4 below)
15.Park Run (see note 5 below)

Bonus points – 10 points for taking part in The Essex Way Relay Race (Sept)
10 points for taking part in the XC relays (Sept)
1 point for every year over the age of 35 for women and the age of 40 for men

1. As in previous years people’s best 4 scores from the XC league races will be added and ranked. This will count as 1 score in the Championship.
2. As in recent years the 4 handicaps will be added together and will count as 1 score in the Championship.
3. People’s best marathon time of the year will be ranked, but with the exception of London and Halstead, it is the responsibility of the individual to inform Dawn Potter of their performance.
4. People’s best Crown to Crown time will be ranked. There are 7 opportunities throughout the year to run one.
5. Any Park Run – points will be scored on the basis of fastest times and it is up to the individual to let Dawn Potter know when they have run a race. (This is likely to change to your best time at Billericay Parkrun for 2018)