New Club championship for 2019/20

New Club championship for 2019/20

The new Championship rules for 2020 are now on the results page of the website.

Grant and Anthony are ready to answer any questions you may have and our aim was to improve the championship so that it might be more competitive and interesting to follow. We will be doing this by providing monthly league tables from February when the cross country season & category finishes.

With regards to the cross country category, ¬†even if you haven’t yet participated this season you can still earn alot of points.

If you turn up for just 1 saturday league race before end of the season in February and for example if you are a male, if only 20 Strider men overall did the cross country all season , you would get minumum 80 points just for your 1 race you did ( 100 maximum in category minus you at worst finishing bottom).

Female & male categories.

Likewise in Sunday league there’s another 100 points maximum over the season,  just turning up for 1 race will guarantee you alot of points.

There’s a cross country league race this Saturday, so why not come along and guarantee yourself plenty of points to start the new Championship.

Also one of the changes is in Billericay parkrun category and points for that start soon.

There are a lot more points available.

There will be 14 Billericay parkruns to score points on, 1 every last Saturday of the month and Xmas Day and New Years Day.

Male & Female categories as usual.

15 points maximum for quickest going down to minimum 5 points, so if there was 20 male striders, the slowest 5 all get 5 points.

Thus, 14 parkruns x 15 points maximum, possible 210 championship points.

The 1st parkrun of the 14 is the New Years Day one and then the 25th January, so put them in your diaries if you want to come along